The Nautilus Lifeline is an individual, waterproof and robust radio beacon suitable for any water sport (scuba diving, paddle-boarding, kayaking, kitesurfing, freediving, surfing, remote tender excursions etc.). It is a must-have device for when the chances of getting lost at sea may become a real hazard.

This small marine rescue GPS emits an AIS and DSC signal when activated. The GPS position should be accurate to 1.5 m. (5 ft.), and a man overboard distress message (MOB) will be broadcasted to all AIS equipped ships up to 30Nm. away, as well as a Digital Selective Call (DSC) message to the VHF radio on your Vessel. The beacon has a test function and an emergency function. The Nautilus Lifeline floats and is waterproof in all sea conditions and is depth-rated to 130 m. (425 ft.) with the cap closed. Furthermore, it is free to use, meaning no MMSI, Licence, or Registration is required.

Directly from the factory at NO additional costs.

App: The Nautilus Lifeline app will allow you to link your Lifeline(s) to the MMSI of your Vessel.

User’s manual: Send us an email or download the manual from the Nautilus lifeline webpage.

Not Included: Import tax: The courier (normally DHL) will charge you the import tax upon delivery, depending on the destination country and the number of units purchased (e.g., in Spain, it was about 83 € for one unit in April 2021).

Optional: We recommend purchasing the CR123 battery together with the Lifeline, as the factory will send it already installed.

Protection pouch: To protect your unit, an optional silicone or neoprene pouch is available at the online store. When using in cold water, we recommend the neoprene pouch, which is easy to open even with cold hands or gloves.

dob donates a percentage of each Nautilus Lifeline sold by us to a specific Marine Conservation project at no cost to you.

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