Proven providers of world leading portable hyperbaric chamber designed for front-line treatment without delay.

The dob team has been looking for the most suitable supplier for our company’s sector to respond adequately to the challenges that may arise when a decompression-related accident occurs. SOS Group met all our expectations and requirements, with more than 30 years of experience providing hyperbaric solutions. We are proud to be official Sales Representatives of SOS Group providing portable decompression chambers to multi-purpose vessels, liveaboards, superyachts, and the defence sector.

The system has been used to treat divers in the military, civilian and leisure sectors who show signs of pressure-related injury in remote locations.

Due to the high demand for space onboard our vessels as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Submersibles, and advanced technical diving equipment are becoming part of our daily operations; we believe that the portable solutions are the best option, compared to the containerised models, which take up much more space.

Medical, operational, and maintenance training is part of our package. Crew courses take 6 to 8 days, depending on the experience of the participants.

Given that not every vessel might be willing to invest in their own permanent onboard hyperbaric chamber, we also put at your disposal lease and rental options for decompression chambers. The rental agreement for these units includes the hire of specialised medical- and operational- staff.

SOS Group provide Solutions for Survival in over 30 countries worldwide and work closely with many industry leading manufacturers to develop packages for Military, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services.

  • Quality: We meet International Medical Device Standards around the globe.

  • Safety: Our systems are the most rigorously tested hyperbaric chambers on the market.

  • Price: Our prices are economical for both procurement and logistics.

  • Support: We provide ongoing servicing and training solutions to meet your needs.

  • Innovation: We are leading the field in innovative hyperbaric technologies and strive to say Number 1.

International Recognition & Awards

  • In 1993, Hyperlite systems received approval from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy Case 6 (ASME PVHO 6).

  • In 1997, the Hyperlite portable non-metallic hyperbaric chamber was named as the US Navy preferred unit during a US Foreign Comparative Test Study, confirming Hyperlite as the market leader for the US Military.

  • In 2000 received a much-coveted Millennium Products Award from the UK Design Council. Further approvals were awarded in 2003, with full US DoD Certification and in 2006, Hyperlite was certified to: ISO 13485: 2003, CE Mark and Health Canada medical approval.

  • In 2008 due to the advanced technologies leveraged in the new Hyperlite system, ASME PVHO developed Case 12. SOS Hyperlite remains the only system with this approval.

  • In 2014, SOS ASME-PVHO Approved Case 18 for Multiple-Occupancy Flexible Pressure Vessels.


  • Occupants: 1

  • Pressure Vessel Weight: 50kg

  • Max Operating Pressure: 2.3 Bar(g) 3.3 ATA

  • Intended Purpose: Transfer-Under-Pressure, Emergency Evacuation.

  • Occupants: 2

  • Pressure Vessel Weight: 230kg

  • Max Operating Pressure: 3 Bar(g) 4 ATA

  • Intended Purpose: Full Treatment on vessel/site. Designed for use in fixed location.

  • Occupants: 3 – 4

  • Pressure Vessel Weight: 550kg

  • Max Operating Pressure: 5 Bar(g) 6 ATA

  • Intended Purpose: Full Treatment on site. Transportable for Multiple Scenarios.

dob donates a percentage of each unit sold by us to a specific Marine Conservation project at no cost to you.