ODO-SMS Training, Safety Diver, Hyperbaric Consultancy

I was born and raised on the West coast of Sweden. All my life I felt a deep love for the Ocean. I took my first diving certificate in 1980; in 1986 I became a rescue diver, and a diving officer in 1997. I have spent 41 years in high-risk environments (8 years in the Army and 33 years in the fire department), mostly as an officer or educator.

My focus has always been on finding a safe and fast solution to problems. During my time in the fire department as safety officer, I realized you always need to learn about laws and regulations. Sometimes I do think we have too many regulations in Sweden, but it depends on how high the priority of security is, to minimise the risks.

When the idea of creating a manual, which may help to make recreational and research diving safer came up, I got really interested as I have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Creating the ODO-SMS© manual, which intends to result in high-security and low-risk levels for the dive operation involved, without producing a “law text” has been a challenge.

My goal and wish are that the ODO-SMS© manual can be of help for dive companies and divers around the world.