On board Dive Operations Safety Management System

The ODO-SMS© (On board Dive Operations Safety Management System) is meant to establish a safe and service-oriented way to conduct scuba -diving activities on board. We design a custom-made manual for your vessel with clear safety and quality standards and operational procedures. Owners, captains, crew and divers need to be well-coordinated and informed to minimalise possible accidents on board. Teamwork, safe working practices, and a common understanding of tasks are central within the manual.

  • Operational protocols and recommendations.

  • Administrative procedures through a list of forms and checklists to be used by all parties involved in the diving operation on board.

  • Guidelines for training and drills for the crew.

  • Emergency and First Aid recommendations.

  • Safety and communication procedures.

  • Dive equipment maintenance and inventory control aids.

Revised by

Patrick Wennebäck

Technical Diving and Decompression Chamber Instructor

“After revising the ODO-SMS© manual, I firmly believe this training method will introduce crew worldwide to an efficient and well-documented system. It will be an essential part of the diving industry evolution. Together with hands-on training, the manual will help the crew onboard during the decision-making process, thus mitigating risk.”

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Depending on the course speciality and language required we provide you with the best fit to board and teach on board.

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