Comparative studies between brands and models specific to customers’ needs.


Deployment of freelance dive professionals

Dive Guides, Instructors, UW audiovisual professionals; depending on destination, languages or required specialties.


Dive Operations Consultancy

> Set up of an official PADI***** dive centre onboard.
> Assisting project managers throughout the design phase of diving facilities during refits or new builds.
> Advise during procurement process of dive -equipment and -machinery.


Onboard Crew Training

> Dive training and certifications.
> First-aid and Oxygen provider training and certification.

Onboard Dive Operations Safety Management System (ODO-SMS)

We design a custom-made manual for your vessel with clear safety standards and operational procedures. Owners, captains, crew and divers need to be well coordinated and informed in order to minimalize possible accidents onboard. In maritime language we could say that we wrote an ISM for scuba-diving operations.
> General recommendations to conduct scuba-diving onboard a vessel.
> Operational protocols to be followed.
> Safety and communication procedures.
> Forms, templates and checklists to be used by the different parties involved.
> Standardising specific dive related tender-to-vessel drills for different rescue and emergency scenarios (including first aid and oxygen therapy).
> Maintenance and inventory recommendations for dive -equipment and -machinery.
> Assignment of responsibilities.

SEAmagine Submersibles

dob is proud to be part of the SEAmagine submersibles team, working on global development and sales. We assist you with submersible charters and newbuild projects, for professional or pleasure purposes.

SEAmagine is the leading designer and manufacturer of small 2 to 9 people submersibles with over 12.000 accumulated dives within the existing fleet. We produce small personal submersibles with depths ranging from 150 meters to 2500 meters deep. All personal subs are based on the company's patented submarine technology, providing safe and comfortable surface operations, and superior underwater performance. (ABS classification).

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