Manned Submersibles

Personal submarines that are ideal for Superyachts and robust for Professionals

dob is proud to be part of the SEAmagine submersibles team, working on global development and sales. SEAmagine is the leading designer and manufacturer of small 2 to 9 people submersibles with over 12,000 accumulated dives within the existing fleet. We produce small personal submersibles with depths ranging from 150 metres to 2500 metres deep for professional or pleasure purposes. All personal subs are based on the company’s patented submarine technology, providing safe and comfortable surface operations and superior underwater performance.

Development of applications specific to customers’ needs

  • Superyacht design and training.

  • Passenger vessel design and operational solutions.

  • Industrial designs using monitoring, inspection and sampling applications for exploration, surveys, and decommissioning work.

  • Navy & Coastguard designs using detection, identification and intervention applications for security, search and recovery missions.

Highest Engineering Standards

Our total commitment to safety and quality standards meet and exceed the requirements of the regulatory agencies.

All our personal submarines and private submersibles are classed A1+ by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) that performs all inspections and surveys on each submersible constructed. All design elements are reviewed by ABS’s engineering review board and the manufacturing and testing surveyed by their field operations. SEAmagine’s dedication has gained the respect of many of the regulatory groups in the world. With a very close and strong working relationship with ABS, both at the engineering review headquarters in Houston, and at the Survey Office in Long Beach California. SEAmagine is on the Special Review Committee for the ABS Underwater Vehicles Rules and meets regularly to update the rules and regulations to fit the industry needs.

Seamagine Submersible Models

AURORA-3CCompact 3 Person
  • Depth Rating: 460m to 1000m

  • Dimensions: L 4,20m x H 2,00m x W 2,35m

  • Hoist Height: 1,72m
  • Dry Weight: 3.800kg to 5.000kg (depending on depth rating)

  • Size and weight can be customised

AURORA 3 to 4 Person
  • Depth Rating: 300m to 1300m

  • Dimensions: L 4,80m x H 2,40m x W 2,77m

  • Dry Weight: 8.000kg to 8.050kg (depending on depth rating)

  • Size and weight can be customised

AURORA5 to 7 Person
  • Depth Rating: 100m to 1460m
  • Dimensions: L 5,01m x H 2,55m x W 3,43m

  • Dry Weight: 9.100kg to 11.000kg (depending on depth rating)
  • Size and weight can be customised

  • Depth Rating: 100m to 380m
  • Dimensions: L 4,78m x H 2,26m x W 2,57m

  • Dry Weight: 3.250kg to 3.800kg (depending on depth rating)
  • Size and weight can be customised

Available UW Technologies

  • UW voice communication.

  • UW position accuracy (USBL nav., LB nav., DVL nav.).

  • UW filming / documenting through ultra-HD cameras.

  • Multibeam Sonar MAG tools (2D & 3D sonars).

  • UW 4 to 7 axis robotic arms for intervention.

  • UW oil spill recovery abilities & metal detection tools.

  • Multiple ultra-specific environmental and sampling applications.

dob donates a percentage of each Submersible sold by us to a specific Marine Conservation project at no cost to you.

Special thanks to our Dive Buddy Rodolphe Holler for the UW picture with the sub