Advanced Subsea Technology to improve safety and efficiency for Divers on duty.

The dob team has been looking for the most suitable supplier for our company’s PRO sector to respond adequately to challenges that may arise and are delighted to introduce you to this innovative technology.

The equipment achieves relative positioning between divers and/or in relation to a target, and allows real-time communication between the divers and the surface crew. The system also features text communication between units.


  • 3D positioning and navigation.

  • Real-time positioning.

  • SOS and pre-selected safety parameter warnings.

  • Two-ways UW messaging.

  • Network between multiple divers and surface.

  • Communication range 400m.

  • Communication range Pro Version 1500m.

  • Depth rated up to 200m.

The product line is composed of one or more dive computers (two models available), a surface control center, and an autonomous underwater beacon. The combination will depend on the desired application.

Currently, the system is in use at a Special Forces unit, a Coral Restoration Program, and an Archeological Institute.

Application Fields

  • Public Safety Diving

  • Scientific Diving

  • Military Diving

  • Recreational Diving

  • Technical Diving

  • Commercial Diving

Testing the equipment

dob testing the equipment with rescue divers from the fire brigade in Sweden.

Contact us and book your individual equipment testing in Mallorca (Spain), or at your preferred location.