Onboard Dive Operations Safety Management System

Like the ISM code for ships, the ODO-SMS© has been designed to provide high-standard safety and operational procedures to manage scuba-diving activities onboard a ship.

The system is implemented onboard through a training course and a Dive Operations Manual, specific to the vessel.

Our clients are mainly Expedition Vessels, Passenger ships, Superyachts, and high-end Liveaboards. Our goal is to set clear safety standards to mitigate risks and help owners, captains, crew, and divers to be well-informed and coordinated. The ODO-SMS© provides a system for working together successfully. Teamwork and a shared understanding of the crew’s tasks are central to our guidelines and recommendations, encouraging safe working practices and service excellency.

This system contains the necessary tools to enable risk management onboard:

  • Operational protocols and recommendations.

  • Legal and administrative requirements, through forms and checklists.

  • Guidelines for crew training and drills.

  • Emergency and First Aid guidelines specific to diving.

  • Safety and communication protocols.

  • Dive equipment maintenance and inventory control aids.

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

The content of three dive-related ISO standards has been successfully integrated in the ODO-SMS©, and thus provides a valuable tool for any vessel to work comfortably towards a certification in this field.

Revised by
Stephan Kramer
Stephan KramerManaging Director - Maritime Compliance Management Company
“The authors of this ODO-SMS© have combined all their skills gained from years of practical diving operations and maritime experiences on highest management level in order to create this ‘one of its kind’ diving safety manual. By using this ODO-SMS©, the Customer as well as the Dive Operator may feel very supported and guided by the safety procedures of this manual. This Safety Management System will take Dive Operations into another level of secure and healthy diving, both occupational and leisure.”
Patrick Wennebäck
Patrick WennebäckTechnical Diving and Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Instructor
“After revising the ODO-SMS© manual, I firmly believe this training method will introduce crew worldwide to an efficient and well-documented system. It will be an essential part of the diving industry evolution. Together with hands-on training, the manual will help the crew onboard during the decision-making process, thus mitigating risk.”