Our Oceans are facing a devastating future due to overfishing, global warming, toxic waste dumps, industrial run-offs, etc. Action is needed before the negative impact result of our modern lifestyle becomes an irreversible collapse of our Oceans.

“It is not a matter of if but when”


We are focused on slowing down our Oceans degradation and our action plan is based on the following three fundamental Marine Conservation pillars.

  • Marine sanctuaries are one of the most valuable solutions available for offering protection to specific ecosystems.

  • Coral Restoration allows lesser marine ecosystems to rebuild from the bottom up.

  • Shark Conservation Preserving the role of top predators is essential to a balanced ecosystem.

  • Film Production for educational purposes.


The nature of our business and working closely with Marine Conservation Organisations worldwide, gives us the chance to collaborate with specific projects that we believe will help slow down our Oceans degradation.


We will focus our efforts on tracking very specific projects needing a short-term but effective fundraising campaign. We want to make sure that every cent we are bringing in corresponds to something. With that in mind we will be sharing the results on our Blog.

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Generating Donations

Purchase one of the following products and dob will donate to a specific Marine Conservation project at no cost to you.

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