Dive Compressors

  • Assessment & Sales

    To offer the best solution to our customers, we consider the most well-known manufacturers when selecting products and evaluate the best available options to tailor the requirements as precisely as possible. The team of technicians has installed 1300 units worldwide, which benefits your projects as the experience brought to the table enables them to answer questions and solve problems.

  • Worldwide Installation & Transport

    The planification before installation of tailor-made supply and exhaust air system is included in our projects. We attach great importance to turn-key installations of complete breathing air compressors, including line construction and exhaust systems. This ensures an almost constant temperature within the breathing air station, significantly minimising disruptions.

  • Service & Repair

    Worldwide maintenance and repair service on breathing air compressors, refrigeration dryers, and its aggregates. The team of service technicians has been trained and educated by the world’s most well-known manufacturers.


  • Membrane Technology

    With membrane technology, Nitrox is made from ambient air and is considered the safest method to produce nitrox in larger quantities. The maximum amount of oxygen that can be achieved with this process is limited, thus ensuring extremely high safety when using a membrane. It is considered the standard procedure internationally to produce Nitrox safely and inexpensively.

    • No Pure O2 supply required.
    • Robust and fully integrated system.
    • 300 to 1000 litres of Nitrox/minute.
    • Max. up to 40% O2.
  • Blending

    With the co-flow process (blending), a 100% oxygen supply must be guaranteed. Trained personnel will be required since the blending with 100% oxygen occurs upstream of the compressor. In principle, larger quantities of Nitrox can be produced, but at a higher cost. Therefore, this method is suitable for smaller facilities with a good supply of 100% oxygen.

    • Pure O2 supply required.
    • 220-, 24- or 12-Volt systems
    • Single low-pressure system (0,5 bar) with a safety valve.
    • 20 Kg.
    • Nitrox mixtures of 21-40%
  • Partial pressure methods

    Smaller portable and fixed methods for TEC divers who require the production of high oxygen percentages mixture are available upon request.

Oxygen Generator

Remote diving operations require planning and availability of O2. When dealing with normo-baric or hyper-baric treatment, O2 consumption requires 30L/min/pp, which may go up to 40-60L under stress/exercise, and unlimited O2 resources becomes the grail.

Storage System

When an application requires constant or sudden high demands for Air, Nitrox, or Oxygen that may exceed the capacity of the compressor’s effective filling quantities, a correctly sized storage system offers many benefits. The purpose of the storage is to serve as a reservoir. It protects compressors from excessive direct demand and serves to dampen or eliminate pressure pulsations to the system.