A small, waterproof, robust and economic beacon that emits a distress signal in case of emergency.

When activated the system will emit an MOB alarm through AIS, and in some parts of the world additionally a DSC call though the VHF radio.

The beacon has a test function, and can be programmed to emit the distress to one specific AIS by introducing the specific MMSI number through an App.

This Dive Alert system is suitable for any water sport. Scuba diving, paddle-boarding, kayaking, kitesurfing, free-diving, surfing, remote tender excursions etc. It is a must-have device for when the chances of getting lost at sea may become a real hazard.

  • Accuracy: 1,5 metres

  • Range: 30 Nautical miles

  • Depth rating: 140 metres

  • No license or registration required

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dob donates a percentage of each Dive alert device sold by us to a specific Marine Conservation project at no cost to you.

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