World leading flexible hyperbaric chambers designed for front-line treatment without delay.

Divers are at risk of a decompression accident, collectively known as Decompression Illness (DCI). The management of this type of accident is based on an early recompression and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, performed inside a hyperbaric chamber.

Due to the high demand for space onboard our vessels as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Submersibles, and advanced technical diving equipment are becoming part of our daily operations; foldable solutions are a great option.

  • Military Diving

  • Recreational Scuba Diving

  • Professional Diving

  • Search and Rescue

  • Firefighting

  • High Altitude Operations

  • Medical Centres

Keys to success

  • Reduced weight and volume.

  • Simple in its implementation and deployment.

Keys to success

  • International conformity standards and recognitions.

  • Ongoing service and training package.



  • Occupants: 1

  • Pressure Vessel Weight: 50kg

  • Max Operating Pressure: 2.3 Bar(g) 3.3 ATA

  • Intended Purpose: Transfer-Under-Pressure, Emergency Evacuation.


  • Occupants: 2

  • Pressure Vessel Weight: 230kg

  • Max Operating Pressure: 3 Bar(g) 4 ATA

  • Intended Purpose: Full Treatment on vessel/site. Designed for use in fixed location.


  • Occupants: 3 – 4

  • Pressure Vessel Weight: 550kg

  • Max Operating Pressure: 5 Bar(g) 6 ATA

  • Intended Purpose: Full Treatment on site. Transportable for Multiple Scenarios.

dob donates a percentage of each unit sold by us to a specific Marine Conservation project at no cost to you.