We invite you to watch the 3-minute testimonial of BBC presenter Paul Rose, expedition leader of National Geographics program ‘Pristine Seas’, where he provides us with his personal experience during a diving incident in Niue, South Pacific, that could have proved life-changing if it were not for the availability of a Hyperlite-1 and a well-trained crew.

About Paul Rose

A man at the front line of exploration and one of the world’s most experienced divers, field science and polar experts, Paul Rose helps scientists unlock and communicate global mysteries in the most remote and challenging regions of the planet.

He is an experienced television presenter and radio broadcaster. With a proven track record in business engagements, Paul is a sought-after speaker, chairman, host and moderator for industry, government, and NGO events.

If you want to know more, visit: https://www.paulrose.org/

About Hyperlite-1

The lightest portable hyperbaric chamber on the market.

With a combined weight of just 50kg (without the patient) the Hyperlite-1 is the most lightweight hyperbaric chamber capable of all 100% oxygen therapies. It can be used as a stretcher and carried by 4 or 6 personnel and is suitable for helicopter or crane winch. What’s more, it’s light enough for check-in on commercial international flights.

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