An accomplished underwater videographer, Didier Noirot has a noteworthy CV detailing 44 years behind the lens. Didier has worked with Jacques Cousteau, National Geographic, Disney Nature, John Jackson (La Bête du Natal), and Jacques Perrin (Ocean), among others, earning Emmy Awards for the BBC favorite, Blue Planet, and the documentary One Life. Passionate about the ocean and the marine life it supports, Didier dedicates his time and expertise as President and co-founder of the philanthropic ocean education organization, The Balthazar Project.

When one is at the North Pole, whichever direction you look, it is south. There is no west, no east, or north. Only south. There is no land, and the pack ice is omnipresent, even if global warming today reveals more and more stretches of open water here and there. There is no assigned time zone, only one day and one night in the year, each of them lasting six months. The sun rises above the horizon on March 21 and does not set until September 21.

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We recommend the article published in NAVIS Yacht Design & Lifestyle Issue 71 – April 2023.

The nonprofit organization THE BALTHAZAR PROJECT, whose goal is not only to promote knowledge of marine species, but also and above all to show the most beautiful of the oceans through images, is looking for funds to finance its expedition in the Arctic regions.

The association has already benefited from significant support since a 57-foot Garcia sailboat has been made available to it. This sailboat requires improvements such as the replacement of a less polluting engine, the addition of new generation solar panels, as well as various interior fittings.