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Jules Verne stories of voyages aboard a submarine or Jacques Cousteau’s underwater discoveries of our oceans have inspired millions of people on our planet for generations.

In the past, manned submersibles were purely industrial machines limited to research ships, the oil industries, and defence sectors. A traditional submersible required that the passengers boarded whilst it was still sitting on the ship’s deck, then it was hoisted overboard with the occupants inside. This industrial approach required the ships to have large and heavy man-rated cranes and significant infrastructure to operate any submersible.

When SEAmagine came along in 1995, all of this changed. The company, located in Los Angeles, revolutionised the world of submersibles by changing the infrastructure required to operate a small sub from a ship.

SEAmagine conceptualised and patented submersibles capable of being launched without people on board and allowing the occupants to board them safely and easily after the subs have been launched in the water. This original design and operational aspect had never been thought of and has become SEAmagine’s legacy and an industry standard.

As the original industry pioneer, SEAmagine brought new generations of small, manned submersibles to the market as real options for yacht owners, scientists, and professionals alike. From the onset, SEAmagine championed its submersibles’ large bubble windows for the passengers to sit in with a near 360-degree all-around view instead of having them look out through small portholes. This SEAmagine submersible feature has since been copied by various organisations and has become a standard in the sector. SEAmagine remains the most experienced submersible manufacturer in the field, having an unmatched record of over 12,000 dives accumulated throughout its fleet of subs.

Whether your passion is sea life or shipwrecks, you don’t need to know how to dive or even get wet. You are no longer restricted by dive tables and decompression times, tight wetsuits or flight schedules as no change in pressure applies. This new generation of submersibles allows people of all ages to live a unique underwater experience of feeling like part of the ocean. One can sit back and watch the underwater world for hours, go deeper than ever before, or simply have a quick dive and be back just in time for dinner.

When you step off the yacht onto the solid teak deck of a SEAmagine submersible, a smooth steel handrail guides you safely into the spacious cabin of the sub. As you take a few steps and recline into the plush interior seating, you are enraptured by beams of light sparkling across the gently moving ocean currents and the panoramic view from inside the remarkably expansive viewing bubble; it’s time to dive and be captivated by the beauty of the deep blue ocean surrounding you. Being underwater inside SEAmagine’s comfortable and spacious transparent bubble offers a unifying experience for the passenger, giving extraordinary underwater voyages of wonders shared between family and friends as the discoveries emerge.

Not all submersibles on the market are the same. Incorporating elegance, style, and attention to detail, SEAmagine’s latest Aurora submersible designs take a quantum leap in elevating the underwater experience for owners. Its submersibles have unmatched interior comfort and manoeuvring agilities allowing for extremely close-up viewing of the underwater scenery as it unfolds before the passenger’s eyes. The Aurora submersibles culminate SEAmagine’s long-standing engineering expertise gained from an unsurpassed number of dives, with a perfect safety record. Different versions of its Aurora models, in various sizes and weights, have been designed and are often semi-customised to meet specific yachts’ arrangements or special owner requests.

The main factors that affect the submersible’s designs are:
  • Number of persons: 2 to 7 persons

  • Depth rating: 100 to 2300 metres

  • Optional Equipment: robotic arms, high-resolution cameras, 3D sonars and more

It has always been clear at SEAmagine that its submersibles are to be focused on ease of use with minimal maintenance requirements and capable of operating at any time, any place, anywhere. Quality over quantity, and a highly dedicated post-delivery service to captains and crews, is how the company earned its solid reputation for more than 27 years. In addition, SEAmagine has an effective and long-standing pilot and crew training programme, followed by a reliable technical support programme, so that well-run ships will have no issues offering a first-class submersible operation to the lucky yacht owners who turned their daydreams into reality.

Would you like to know more about us and our submersibles?

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Photo Credit: Seamagine and Special thanks to Rodolphe Holler (Tahiti Private Expeditions)

Published – February 2022