Founder, ODO-SMS Training and Submersible Applications

I have been in the maritime industry since 1998 and worked in several branches throughout my career. After co-owning a yacht charter brokerage, I helped set up operations for liveaboards, sailing passenger vessels, and whale-watching boats. However, my passion for the Ocean didn’t stop there, and I decided to become a Captain and submersible pilot.

To work against the environmental impact on the Oceans caused by destructive human behaviour is a challenge that I took on as a mission and personal responsibility. Being involved with the foundation firmm®, which works to protect the marine mammals on the Strait of Gibraltar, gave me the opportunity to create educational programs to raise awareness between 1998 and 2005, and got me hooked. I believe in the concept of Marine Sanctuaries, Coral Restoration Programs and Shark Conservation Projects.

My goal is to use the available technology and knowledge to make diving operations onboard safer and support conservation efforts around the world.