ODO-SMS Content, Dive Instructor, Marine Conservation

I have been in love with nature all my life, which inevitably led me to become a passionate biologist. When I started working in the whale watching industry, my interests began to focus specifically on the Ocean. After five years of work, I decided to specialise in oceanography and become a dive instructor.
These life events combined paved the path that took me to the Galapagos Islands, where I was fortunate enough to work in the environmental department of a liveaboard company. It allowed me to dive in one of the most stunning areas of the planet in terms of wilderness and marine life. This life-changing experience gave me the necessary knowledge to later (and for over seven years) work as manager of the biggest dive centre in Mallorca, Spain.
My passion for the Ocean and my strong will to preserve the precious marine ecosystems led me to move to a small and remote island in Cambodia, where I helped start a successful Marine Conservation Project and worked as a manager for more than one year.
Being involved with the diving industry and Ocean Conservation for quite some time now gave me the expertise to proudly become part of the Dive Operations Buddy’s team, working in the ODO-SMS©’ content with this amazing group of people.