Marine Science and Conservation

Our oceans are vast, deep and at times very unpredictable bodies of water that are home to an incredible diversity of life, most of which is still waiting to be discovered. It is exactly this “big unknown” that drives my motivation and determination to study the marine world.

On the quest to understand this other world, I studied general biology for two years in the Netherlands before specializing in marine science and conservation in Australia and the Caribbean in the third year of my Bachelor of Science.

Since my graduation in January 2020, I have continuously worked in various fields of marine science, including fisheries management, marine mammal research and coral restoration. I am a certified Divemaster, devoted to contribute to ground-breaking marine research that will allow to discover, understand and, ultimately, protect marine life.

I am very excited to be part of the dob team and to work with other marine conservation advocates to strive for the conservation of our oceans, together!