MYS has a new Adventure Area and and exactly there, is where you will find us.

Quai Antoine 1er is now home to the Adventure Area that combines two themes in a single location, boasting a myriad of luxury vehicles, tenders and water toys for visitors to discover. This extended exhibition for all adventure and leisure activities reflects the MYS’ continued ambition to bring visitors the finest yachting experience. Today, clients want to unveil the underwater world off the coast of secluded islands and discover animal species – while respecting their ecosystems – and even take part in scientific field trips.

We at Dive Operations Buddy and SEAmagine Submersibles are ready to help the yachting industry redefine the new superyacht clientele´s experience.

Come visit us at The SEAmagine Booth Number QA5 on Quai Antoine 1er.

Make an appointment with our Managing Director Dominique Geysen emailing us at