Recovering an unconscious diver (or any MOB) from the water back into the tender is a very difficult task, therefore we designed our own recovery cradle & stretcher.

  • Custom-made to the size of your tender.

  • Using durable materials.

  • Fast and easily deployed, compact, and portable.

Our RescueNet is actively in use at several rescue services in Scandinavia.

The RescueNet has been designed to provide an easy rolling of the casualty into the tender and is equipped with handles to serve as stretcher for the evacuation off the tender. Custom-made to the dimensions of your tender, produced with lightweight and durable material. The RescueNet is compact, easily deployed, and the fastest recovery tool available.

  • Weight: Est. 8 kg

  • Dimensions: Est. 2,00 x 1,30 mts.

  • Weight allowance: Est. 1000 kg.

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