Coral Restauration

Bespoke solutions

At Dive Operations Buddy, our goal is to assist adventurous and environmentally conscious Hotels, Resorts and Private Island owners in the process of creating healthy Coral Gardens. We use research-led principles to explore the link between nature and health with the aim to create underwater landscapes which are both better for the guests and better for the planet.



Our team of Coral Scientist and cameraman are deployed to study the health or damage status of the existing reef.



We elaborate a report based on the scientific parameters and study of the existing types of corals.



Depending on the budget and dimensions, we develop a long-term plan for your Coral Garden. The project can be a private initiative, or in collaboration with international Universities and Local Entities.



The growth of your coral reef needs time and attention, for which periodic monitoring and maintenance is key to success.

Research & Development

We are in the R&D stage of creating solar-powered UW monitoring systems to share the growth of your coral reef through online time-lap cameras. If you are interested, investors are welcome to participate in this beautiful modern and sustainable project.

Want to know more?

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